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Welcome to Artists of Scandinavia

Small enough to give You a personal service, big enough to fulfill your needs.


Brazil Entertainment
Jon Strider
We are an entertainment agency situated in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Artists of Scandinavia offers good customer service and only professional-quality bands. Our administration is simple and uncomplicated and we will always endeavor to be flexible and understanding of Your unique situation and requirements. We always strive to provide the best result for all our client’s events, whether small or large. Our handpicked artists will enhance the success of Your event and leave the guests with an unforgettable memory 

We prefer to work closely with a small number of artists, Brazil Entertainment and Mr. Jon Strider. They have an extensive experience performing at various events. We have established a retail discount between us, so you can feel free to visit their websites for further information. 

Our mission is to give each client a unique musical experience

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